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Meet the team

Shalaquiana is BIOPset’s primary developer. She developed the first versions of the protocol independently and now works collaboratively with the rest of the team and the broader community to refine the current version of the smart contracts and improve the web apps' UI/UX.

Dereek designed and developed BIOP's token distribution/economics. After discovering Bitcoin in 2014, he went on to develop proprietary mining research tools that find and analyze on-chain data in 2018. Dereek attended the School of Industrial and Information Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Uchenna is the lord of testing and managing the protocol's repository. His contributions to BitTorrent make him an indispensable part of a team now obsessed with code quality and security. Uchenna holds a graduate degree in computer engineering from Virginia Tech.

Zero is BIOPset's graphic designer. He pours his passion and dedication into the protocol's brand identity. His work influences every aspect of the Settlement DAO that leaves a visual impression on the heart. In particular, Zero graduated from art school in Milan and counts his desire to learn new things as his greatest asset.

Munair exerts a strong influence on marketing strategy. Before joining the Settlement DAO, Munair was the chief marketing officer of IoTrust and led business development for other cryptocurrency projects based in S. Korea. Munair has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania.

Jimmy is advisor for BIOPset, he has great interest into the team development, and its culture. He helps the team with technical aspect with the project. Jimmy is founder of Vegaswap. Before, he's has worked with CEX, contributing to Harmony, NEO, 0x and building multiple distributed system for many big companies.